Monday, April 26, 2010


Haven't contributed in a long time, mostly due to being too lazy to set up my scanner. I'll start with one that I did sometime last year but have intention of colouring some time in the near future (this is a character belonging to a friend of mine):

Next up is one of the speed sketches from the Science Center trip:

And finishing up with the obligatory Muscle Bear:

Take care, everyone! (And possible welcome to our JHU and MCG friends?)


  1. I'm curious as to what the story behind this "muscle bear" is....

  2. It was part of the Body Worlds display at the Ontario Scince Center. Our program was invited to join some of the other art programs in the city for an evening of sketching and getting the exhibit all to ourselves. :)

    If you aren't familiar with Body Worlds, it's a touring exhibit of preserved cadavers, usually "artfully" posed and dissected, and sometimes there's animal displays too. Last time they came to Toronto there was a camel, and this time we were graced with the bear.

  3. Ah! That sounds really cool....and it also explains why every other entry has the bear.

    Thanks for mentioning this! I had fun looking through everyone's work. Good luck to you all!